Do you make copies of keys?

Yes, typically keys can be made in less than one minute while you wait.

Why are there 3 different qualities of paints and which is right for me?

We carry 3 categories of Valspar Paint in flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finishes that can be customized to hundreds of colors.

  • Pristine – The top of the line interior paint that is engineered to repel dirt and resist stains. Available in gallons and quarts.
  • Medallion – Primer and paint in one step, 100% acrylic coating hiding minor imperfection that dries in 30 minutes. Both interior and exterior paint available in both gallons and quarts.
  • Professional – Premium quality with high hiding finish for interior ceilings and walls. It can be sprayed or rolled with low splatter. Available in gallons only

What is the best filter to use for my A/C heater unit?

We carry a wide variety of filters that last from one month to one year. You should look at your old filter to determine the size as there are many different sizes and you need to replace the filter with same size. You can bring the filter in to insure getting the right size or take a picture on your phone if you can’t remove for any length of time.

Do you rent tools?

We rent a limited number of drills and bolt cutters to customers that provide appropriate identification and a security deposit.

Can I get the material that I need to patch a hole in my wall?

Yes, we have a wide variety of products and it is very important to know the material of your walls (e,g, drywall, plaster).

Do you carry parts to repair IKEA furniture?

Yes, we carry a full line of hardware to repair IKEA furniture. We would recommend bringing the broken part in to be matched with the right replacement.

Do you buy used tools?

No, we only carry new in the box tools from top manufacturers that carry the full warranty.

Do you sell spray paint?

Yes, we carry spray paint that can only be sold to customers over 18 years of age based upon Pennsylvania law.

Can you match my current paint color?

Matching paint is an inexact science and we can attempt to match your current color. It is unlikely that it will work for touch up especially if the paint has been on the walls for a period of time where it is exposed to sunlight, dirt and general wear and tear.

Do you sell phone chargers?

Yes, we sell both android and iPhone charging wires with USB plugs and separate in wall charges.

Do you have mattress covers?

Yes, we have mattress covers for a protection layer for your mattress and disposal as mandated by Philadelphia regulations.

Can I use Command adhesive hooks on wallpaper?

No, The wallpaper fabric can be damaged by the adhesive strip.

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