Eliminate Chemical Cleaners

E-cloth – An eco-friendly way to clean

Having origins in Europe, the e-cloth line of eco-friendly products can replace all of your home-cleaners and household cleaning agents. The e-cloth technology uses powerful microfiber cloths to clean more completely, using just water.

Typical cleaning cloth vs e-cloth

A typical cleaning cloth or rag combined with chemically based cleaners push around dirt and leaves a residue of dirt and chemical cleaner on the surface after cleaning. The residue remaining on surfaces often streaks and contains harmful bacteria. By contrast, the combination of the e-cloth’s unique fiber technology and water results in the e-cloth breaking up, lifting and holding grease, dirt, bacteria and grime.  Simply rinsing the e-cloth in warm water and wringing out will remove the unwanted substances for additional cleaning.

In laboratory testing the e-cloth has been shown to remove over 99% of bacteria, including e-coli, listeria and aspergillus from a wide variety of hard surfaces. After rinsing with warm water, tests confirm that less than .01% of bacteria remain on the e-cloth.

Some of the surfaces that e-cloth is effective in cleaning including:

  • Counter Tops
  • Tables
  • Floors
  • Bathrooms
  • Mirrors
  • Windows (amazingly streak free)
  • Stainless-Steel
  • Wood Furniture
  • Car Interiors
  • Boat/RV Interiors
  • Children’s items (e.g. car seats, high chairs)

What makes e-cloth better?

Each e-cloth has 1.6 million strands per square inch (1,000 times finer than cotton) and can last for several years since it is manufactured to withstand 300 washes for renewable cleaning. Other advantages include:

  • A remarkable cleaning ability and powerful absorption created by e-cloth and water
  • A cost savings since water replaces many different chemical cleaners
  • The ability to reuse each e-cloth providing an eco-friendly long-term cost and resource savings

In apartments/condominiums and homes that have limited storage capacity, the elimination of chemical cleaners creates more space for other purposes. Since e-cloth comes in a variety of colors, many people have designated colors for each cleaning area (e.g. kitchen, bathroom, floors, windows, furniture). This approach organizes cleaning and extends the life of each e-cloth.

You can shop a full line of e-cloth products at Metro Essentials 3rd Street Hardware at 153 N 3rd Street in Old City, Philadelphia.

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