How to best use an in-sink Garbage Disposal

A Garbage disposal can be extremely helpful in limiting the amount of food waste that must be thrown out in trash/garbage cans. Most garbage disposals do a good job of grinding food and sending into the home sewage system. You should use cold water and break food into smaller sections as you put through the disposal. Not all foods though should be put into the disposal since they are not ground up well or may do damage to the disposal and drainage system.
Some items that should not be put in a disposal include:

Pasta – it does not grind up well and its starchy consistency can cause clogs in the disposal and drain.

Bones – although a disposal may be strong enough to break up bones, parts of the bone could cause the blades to jam.

Fibrous Foods – Food such as corn husks, celery, and onion skins can shred and wrap around the blades resulting in jams

Coffee grounds – Can cause a buildup of sludge in the drain

Eggshells – the shell membrane lining can stick to the sides of the disposal and pipes and lead to clogs

Fruit Pits and Seeds – similar to bones, the pieces that are broken up can cause a jam in the blades

Potato & Rice – Similar to the problem with starch in pasta, the starch from potatoes and rice can cause clogs in the system

Cooking grease – Grease is the number one cause of drainage problems and should be disposed of in a sealable container in the trash once it cools and or solidifies.

Proper maintenance and operation will help to avoid plumbing problems. Periodically using a drain cleaner in the garbage disposal will help to keep the flow of debris running smoothly. Having a disposal wrench handy, can help to loosen frozen or jammed disposals without a need to call a plumber. Always turn off the power, or trip the circuit breaker before working on your disposal. You can burn up the motor or even worse, injure yourself if you attempt to repair a disposal with the electricity on. In addition, It is a good idea to regularly check faucets for leaks and in the cabinet for moisture to address potential problems before they exist. The staff at 3rd Street Hardware can help you find the right product for your specific drainage needs.

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